Manufacturing - Sewing

Team Sewing

  • Highly skilled sewing operators producing a wide variety of products.
  • Team sewing with 6 to 30 operators in a team.
  • Operators cross trained to handle up to 3 operations in a module.
  • Well maintained equipment with an inventory of all types of mechanics to provide flexibility and capacity in line set-ups.
  • Operators are part of an on site education program for technical skills conducted in conjunction with government agency.
  • Our team sewing emphasizes low in-process inventories and quick thru-put time.
  • Ability to quickly change styles in sewing line. Technical teams are available for training.

Quality Control

  • Our production control system is in place to provide information control and decision making.
  • All inventory is bar-coded and movements are immediately recorded, providing a real time inventory.
  • All styles are built from BOM in the same system to provide consistent management of all materials.
  • Production is tracked through cutting, sewing and shipping to give up-to-date information to all levels of managers and supervisors.
  • Scan and Pack and EDI are incorporated in our system to provide shipping information.

Our Goal

  • Our goal to assure that your product meets or exceeds your quality expectations.
  • Quality audits performed in all processes starting with fabric and trim inspection, down to cut parts prior to their production.
  • All sewing lines have continuous in line audits and final audits of all production.

Final Audits

  • Final audits prior to shipping performed by certified Final Auditors.
  • Documentation of all audit results to assist in timely and relevant feed back.
  • Dedicated staff that is constantly undergoing training in new techniques.
  • Certified manufacturer for Nike, Reebok, Adidas, UA, and Skins.
  • Continuous program of education to help employees develop skills. Programs include technical and personal subjects.
  • Activities scheduled through-out the year to motivate and entertain employees.