About Logistics

Import / Export Specialists

We have Import / Export specialists on our staff that handle all of the requirements needed for Customs clearance in the USA. They are up to date on all of the laws and documentation required so that the shipment moves quickly and is not held up. We have people available to answer questions on shipments going anywhere in the world. Our staff can provide the information that is specific to product types or requirements at the final destination.

Our Customs Brokers

We have a close association with Smith Logistics in the USA who we use as a Customs Broker. We rely on them to provide information on new laws and regulations. We have a distribution center with Old Dominion in Miami where we receive the consolidated cargo from our Honduras containers and then offload it and distribute it to the customer’s destination.


About Customs

Customs has a full time office in our Honduras facility and we have an agent available to us throughout our work day. We consolidate and ship out all of our product manufactured in Nicaragua through the port in Honduras. This is a 12 hour trip from Nicaragua and is the most efficient way to move goods from Nicaragua. Our Distribution Department works with the Merchandising Department to track the on time arrival of all of our shipments. They are part of the team that provides answers to all of the shipping questions.

Shipping Options

We have many options available to our customers for their shipping needs. We can ship air-air, sea-air or sea-land. We can provide door to door service or landed duty paid. We have container shipments leaving the factory two to three times a week which helps to keep the response time as short as possible. Air shipments are available daily from the factory as small shipments or air cargo. There are several airlines available for this service.