History Timeline for New Holland Apparel

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Dr. Warren Henry Fake Begins Business

Henry FakeDr. Warren Henry Fake (pictured left at his college graduation) became a General Surgeon who decided in 1932 to invest in some hosiery making machinery which was purchased in Philadelphia, PA and placed in a garage in Ephrata, PA. This was the humble beginnings of Dutchmaind Inc. Dutchmaid grew to be a brand that would manufacture high quality clothing for the entire family and sell direct to end-use customers via home party sales. Dr. Fake would go on to start Ephrata Hospital, 4 frozen food plants, and a dairy. Dr. Fake was the Grandfather of New Holland Apparel's current owners, Annette Radcliffe, David Hackman, and Warren Hackman.


Dutchmaid Hosiery Started

The hosiery that was produced from that garage was originally targeted for sales in the New England region and later moved into New York and New Jersey.


Post War Years

Following the end of WWII underwear and other styles for the family were added to the product line. As the line grew, so did the sales regions, by the late 1960’s sales territories throughout the lower 48 states had been developed.


Sales Take on a New Form and a New Family Member

Dutchmaid adopted a new method to sell to its customers, direct sales via the Party Plan. Dutchmaid sales people would work with housewives to set up parties in their homes where friends and family could order high quality clothing direct from the manufacturer. Elaine Fake, Dr. Fake’s second daughter married Lloyd R Hackman who began working for Dutchmaid.


From Hay to Lingerie

A hay field was purchased in May 1955 as the future site of New Holland Lingerie, at 494 West Broad Street in New Holland, PA. Building construction began later that year. This site remains as the company’s global headquarters.


New Holland Lingerie Begins

Employee PortraitThe new company began an exclusive manufacturing relationship with Dutchmaid that lasted for the next 20 years. They began by producing loungewear and women’s nightgowns and after a few months moved on to children’s wear. David and Annette HackmanThe company continued producing children’s wear for Dutchmaid until it was sold in 1985. Lloyd was Vice President, and Elaine was President. Pictured at right are Lloyd and Elaine in 2002 at their 50th Wedding Anniversary.


New Holland Lingerie Takes on New Customers

With its sales from its only customer slowing during the mid-1970’s, Lloyd was forced to seek sales from other customers. The company began working as a subcontractor for a brand that was rapidly expanding its product line. The new product line targeted the running craze which was taking over the nation at that time. This was New Holland’s first foray into the athletic market.


Team Uniforms are Added to Our Repertoire

New Holland Lingerie began producing a PA Brand of team uniforms for men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball teams.


Lloyd and Elaine Hit the Road

The 3rd generation owners purchased New Holland Lingerie from their parents Lloyd and Elaine Hackman. Preparing for their retirement Lloyd purchases an RV and plans the first of many road trips. The new owners, representing the 3rd generation are siblings Warren and David Hackman and their sister Annette Radcliffe, continued the existing business model.


Creation of HB Sportswear

New Holland Lingerie began a partnership with Jim Miller and created HB Sportswear. HB Sportswear provided full package manufacturing to its customers and contracted New Holland Lingerie for the assembly and manufacture of those products.


Expanding Production Capabilities

Warren, David and Annette acquired C&B Trimming in Reamstown, PA along with 2 other related plants, Guymar and M&L. This brought their domestic production force to about 250 employees in 4 plants located in Central PA.


Plant Opened in Honduras

Warren, David and Annette opened their first plant, New Holland Lingerie de Honduras, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to serve their customers with the best of both worlds. Customers could choose the option of having their garments designated as “Made in America” or have their product made offshore utilizing Central American labor and Free Trade Agreements with the region. They were still able to maintain part of their production in the US at this point in time.

HB Sportswear begins work for Nike.


New Holland Lingerie Begin Working with Global Athletic Brands

New Holland Lingerie begins working with Nike, Under Armour and Adidas producing full package active sportswear, compression and teamwear.


A Sad Development: US Production Ceases

New Holland Lingerie evolves from just contract sewing to full package solutions for their customers. After 4 years of marketing both domestic and foreign production services and experiencing demand for domestic production, a tough decision was made to cease U.S production and concentrate on our offshore capabilities.

HB Sportswear began working once again for Under Armour as their first offshore manufacturer.


Nicaragua Factory Opens

New Holland Apparel de Nicaragua was opened; the factory located in Tipitapa, Nicaragua, originally had 30,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space. New Holland de Honduras currently occupies a manufacturing facility with 90,000 square feet, and employs approximately 2,200 people.


Acquisition of Southern Apparel Contractors

New Holland Lingerie acquires Southern Apparel Contractors company to increase its T-shirt manufacturing capacity. Southern Apparel Contractors has grown from a 30,000 square foot facility to currently occupying approximately 200,000 square feet.


New Honduras Plant Opens

New Holland Lingerie opens another plant in San Pedro Sula, Honduras dedicated to making team uniforms.


New Holland Lingerie Becomes New Holland Apparel

January 1, 2012 New Holland Lingerie adopts dba (doing business as) New Holland Apparel to clearly define their scope of manufacturing. One of our strengths is the ability to adjust our production to many different product types. New Holland Apparel more accurately defines this causing less confusion to new and potential customers.


Over 9,000 Employees!

New Holland Apparel employs over 9,000 people in both the US and Central America spearheaded by the same family, 3 generations strong!! We’re helping our customers and their brands put high quality apparel on athletes of all kinds, from dancers to football players. We’re helping the fans of high schools, colleges and pro teams show their support for their teams. We’re creating programs for a type of fleece that protects against cold and wicks moisture away. We’re leaders in the technologies of apparel embellishment and assembly. And yes, we still do produce some lingerie!